Okay yes I’m sure you’re all tired of listening to me

But I got my new tablet!

So that means I’ll probably have the next page up at some point here maybe

but like

school and stuff so who knows

it’ll be soon though I promise!

Oh my

Bethany here!

I am terribly sorry to you 13 followers who have waited so patiently for the next page…

I swear it will probably be up sometime next month!

Heh I haven’t really been able to use my tablet and I’m finally getting a new one this month for my birthday!

So yeah I’ll probably find time to work on it next month -u-

YAY the first page out of many I’m sure

YAY the first page out of many I’m sure

Comic Update

So my co-runner of this blog, Bethany, had her computer stolen a while ago. She was able to use her step-dad’s for a while, but she can’t anymore, so even if she gets the comics done soon, she won’t be able to post them. 

Please bear with us until she can get a new computer.

In the meantime, I’ll try to wrap up the next story: Little Blue Riding Hood, starring John. I’ll have that up for you guys as soon as possible!

Thanks to all of our followers. Make sure you tell your friends about us so they can follow too. <3

- Amanda


I’m posting to let everyone know that I won’t be making the comics for this for awhile… This is Bethany by the way.

I’m like really bogged down in homework lately and so I haven’t really had time to work on it.

I will however say that the way I’ll be uploading them one page at a time. If I put it all together, it’d be super long and I don’t really want to deal with that haha

So I think I might have the comics up in week or two? It all depends on how much time I have really. Oh and my mom just said that I’m not allowed on the computer before 7 now? So that gives me even less time…

The Three Little Trollpigs

Once upon a time, there was a wolf named Equius. He was smart, sweaty, and very STRONG. His jaws could crush the toughest of bones, and his legs could run the fastest of speeds. However, one thing his strength did not aid him in was the drinking of his favorite substance, milk. You see, Equius did not drink his milk from bowls, lapping it up with his tongue. That sort of thing was for lowbloods. He preferred to drink from a glass as someone of his nobility should. 

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Introducing Fairytalestuck

We are a blog dedicated to taking fairy tales and other classic stories and writing Homestuck versions, replacing the normal characters with Homestuck characters. Comics will also be made of these stories. 

First up is the Three Little Trollpigs, follow us to read it when it’s posted!

Feel free to ask us anything, any time. :)

To those of you who may think the pigs on our page are copying Pigstuck:

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